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The Houston Shaolin Temple Kung Fu Center is the sister school to the Grandmaster Shi De Shan’s original Houston Shaolin Temple. This school is ran by coach Jian Wang and focuses primarily on children, teens and young adults.

Coach Jian began training, at the age of 8, at the Shaolin Temple Tagou Martial Arts School, located less than one mile from the Temple itself. With more than 40,000 students Tagou is the largest and most influential Kung Fu school in the world. Coach Jian Wang excelled to the top 1% of his class and became a member of Tagou’s Elite Performance Team. He was also one of 9 team members selected out of over 1,000 candidates to join an international Shaolin Performance Tour. He came in fist place, in the Shaolin Martial Arts National Championships in China, for his Bare Fist and Knife forms, and ranked near the top with several other weapons. He is also a Champion Fighter in his weight class.

LearnBuild CharacterFocus, Teamwork, DisciplineAmong so many things

Here at the Houston Shaolin Temple students benefit in so many ways. Aside from learning Chinese Martial Arts, students gain confidence, learn to work as a team, learn self-defense, and push themselves to amazing levels. There are so many benefits that can last for many years even after they’ve moved on.

Coach Jian teaches Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu, San Da (Chinese Kickboxing), Modern Wushu, and Tong Zi Gong. Students can participate with the Demo Team and perform around the city throughout the year. Advanced students can enter martial arts tournaments and competitions as well.

For a more tailored and personalized experience private lessons are also available.

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